Buff to Normal Stormtalon’s Lair dungeon

Stephen Frost must be laughing hard now that we see buffs to Stormtalon’s Lair dungeon. (see: https://twitter.com/StephanFrost/status/463005512066281472)

Dungeons Stormtalon’s Lair

·         Normal

o   Thundercall Storm-Weaver, Sentinel Shaman: Increased AA damage.

o   Thundercall Sentinel: Increased damage of Shockwave.

·         Stormtalon

o   Changed Lightning Storm to cast for 2.25s, and then no longer channel while the bolts go out.

o   Increased Stormtalon’s health to 225k.

o   Veteran version of Lightning Storm now begins creating bolts as soon as the spell begins.

Normal mode sees a buff to the Base Population mobs, Thundercall Storm-Weaver and Sentinel, Auto-attack damage or “AA.” Shockwave is the Sentinels aoe telegraph he uses just after he jumps into the air (which can be interrupted).  The final boss, Stormtalon himself, gets a boost to his health in normal mode to 225,000 up from 170,000.

**In my opinion the Storm-weaver and Sentinel were fairly week compared to the rest of the Base Population and needed the buff. Stormtalon was also the easiest boss, and as the final boss this did seem upsetting. I’m excited to get back in there to fight him again!