Stormtalon’s Lair Tank Guide

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Stormtalon’s Lair

Walk in: level 17

Group finder: level 20+. Veteran: 50

Buffs: Corrupted Flower stem’s give you a 2 minute long buff called “Spore Coating.” Spore coating gives your attacks a 10% chance to proc “corrosive Spores” on a target.



There is one trash pull in the entire dungeon at the very beginning, just a few packs of little minions. Two mobs here, melee Tundercall Acolyte and Ranged Thundercall Disciple, group them up and burn them down.

Base Population:

This is what Wildstar has instead of weak pathetic trash mobs. They require a little bit of strategy and in my opinion if you pull more then one group at a time it equals death.

Thundercall Sentinel and Thundercall Shaman


Thundercall Sentinel is a enemy “tank” while Thundercall Shaman is a “healer”. So make sure to focus down the shaman first.  the Sentinel will do a large telegraph attack that will deal heavy damage and knock you down. The Shaman uses a spell called Rejuvenate only while the Sentinel is up. The Shaman also has 1 interrupt armor so 2 interrupts are required to stop him.




Thundercall Storm-Watcher and Thunderbreak Fleshrippers


These guys will do lots of melee damage to you so keep up defensive’s after establishing threat. The Storm-watcher has 2 telegraph attacks, Rampage and Hack and slash. Hack and Slash is a simple small rectangle telegraph I’d suggest just dashing or running out of it. Rampage on the other hand is worth interrupting, if you are caught in the center it will do a push-back and then a final heavy damage attack at the end of the telegraph.




Thundercall Storm-Weaver


This is the 2nd hardest base population mob.  With 2 interrupt armor and 82.2k HP he’s no pushover. He will target a random player and use a a HARD hitting telegraph called “conduction.” This will stun the player that is targeted, the other players need to interrupt the cast or the targeted player needs to use a cc break. He also uses a instant cast dispellable damage over time spell that unless you kill him fast or your healer is pro it will kill your group.



Skyborn Tempest

This is powerful large health mob. tank him far away from any groups that are nearby as he casts many persistent telegraphs that will have your group constantly moving. Stay close to your healer and use defensive abilities after maintaining threat.  “Manifest Cyclone” will be cast on a player that has a small window to be interrupted, watch out for where it lands.

Optional Random spawn Boss:

Arcanist Breeze Binder

He has one very dangerous ability, “Gusting Convergence” that summons three hard hitting melee adds. He will continue to cast this ability  so keep up interrupts to gain MoO’s and stop the adds from ever being a problem. As long as you don’t see the adds this mob is a joke, if they do come out make sure to use defensive abilities and above all make sure he doesn’t cast more adds!



Loot Table:

Phase 1: Welcome to the first boss! You’ll notice his four friends, Thundercall Channeler’s, surrounded by shields who are currently immune. This boss’s only tank damage is a slow HARD HITTING melee swing, keep up mitigation or deflection abilities when taking any of these hits. Your healer will most likely be spamming you with heals to keep you up so help him best you can. His first telegraph, Thunder cross, is very easy to dodge however the boss has only 2 interrupt armor and can easily be stunned for a MoO during this cast. (save a taunt or intimidate if you can for the MoO as DPS threat will spike with the damage increase)

Phase 2: At 50% he will become temporarily invincible and cast a subdue (or disarm) on the party. You can overcome the subdue by putting on interrupt armor before he casts it or a CC break after. I.E. Warrior’s have Emergency reserve’s, engineer’s Shatter impairment, stalker T4 tactical retreat. Then the four adds surrounding him will lose their shields, they do progressively larger ticking damage called Shockwave. There are 2 strategy’s to deal with these adds, but both rely on the lightning strike telegraphs doing additional damage to the adds. These are the small double cast telegraphs that follow a player around and then drop to strike lightning which also hurts the adds greatly.

“Low dps, high mobility” – Simpler less skill/gear dependent: Simply start at one add and work your way around the room one by one killing the adds. Every time and add dies it will summon and addition “whisp” telegraph that will stun and do extra damage to players. I recommend standing between the adds and the boss to stay clear of all whisps, but you will have to stay mobile to watch for the lightning strikes.

“High dps, big heals”- higher skill/gear required : This method in normal mode is can be much easier for a more skilled group. Begin by focusing on one of the Channelers stack and moving only a little for the lightning strikes. Your healer will want you to stack for heals while the group burns the adds. Bring the adds to as close to death as your group can handle, I recommend 5%-10%.  Split when the fourth add is almost dead to kill the remaining 3, this has to be done fast to make sure no whisps have a chance to spawn and to minimize shockwave damage.

**Hybrid tip: “Stance dance” to your dps stance for the free damage increase as the adds do not need to be tanked, but don’t forget to switch back!

Phase 3: IMPORTANT! As the last add dies the Invoker will begin to cast another subdue, as a tank using interrupt armor or a CC breaker is needed to greatly help hold threat. You can taunt/intimidate the boss right before he casts his subdue and the effect will persist, however you will be wide open for his melee attacks without overcoming the subdue. He will cast a large wide aoe telegraph called “Electrostatic pulse” that does average damage but is a fast cast. I recommend to move to the safe zones, carefull to watch for the whisps and to stay near your healer. He will also cast more lightning strikes, these are a long easily interrupted cast, s grab that MoO with a interupt. This will be a high mobility repeating phase between dodging Electrostatic pulse and burning when he casts lightning strikes until he’s dead.


Loot Table:

Rinse repeat boss, Atheros will do moderate melee damage to you at the beginning of the fight. He will go immune and begin to cast, he will disappear and summon 3 “Gusts of Athros.” The gusts each about the same melee damage as Atheros and as such becomes a major source of damage taken. Ask for stuns from your group to greatly minimize the damage taken, they do not cast anything no need to wait for a MoO. Make sure to to blow a stun just before they die so you have one up for the next phase.

Tornado phase: After killing the adds Atheros will push the party back to one end of the room. The tornadoes on either side will begin to cross the room back and forth. Atheros will also send lightning strikes down in columns. It helps to keep your camera down to watch the lightning come at you. When the party reaches Atheros he will need to be stunned, 3 interrupts are required and you will gain a MoO. Repeat from the beginning jut be careful of many more aoe telegraphs while fighting Atheros. He will again send you back down to dodge more tornadoes and will be needed stunned again. This time burn him again while dodging tornadoes and telegraphs.


Loot Table:

Get ready for the final boss, a dragon! Guess what! he does a aoe cleave and a tailswipe! Make sure to position him well so that your party can stack on his sides.

Phase 1: “Static wave” will be casted shortly after the beginning of the fight. I recommend to hold off any dps buffs until he casts this. He will push everyone back so make sure to be ready for a breakout or a CC breaker. Run up to the boss fast and help to interrupt Static wave before it hits your party. After the MoO he will begin cleaving again.

Phase2: Watch for the “Electricity flows through [player name]” message. This player will have a safe zone around them stopping his large aoe from hitting the players. If you have this on you I recommend standing in the center of the boss. He will then drop small telegraphs on the targeted players feet so make sure to constantly move. Keep in mind that the players in your group will need to keep up with you so move accordingly. Repeat until he’s dead.


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