Ruins of Kel Voreth Tank Guide

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Ruins of Kel Voreth

Trash Content Zero %

Walk in: level 17

Group finder: level 20+. Veteran: 50

“Outsiders in the bloodpit!?!” Kel Vorth sends you to stop some bud guys from getting hold of ancient alien technology. You begin in a classic gladiator arena, moving into ancient ruins, and then The Exanite Forge where you have a final showdown with Trogun, the dungeon’s final boss. As a tank for the base population I recommend 2 or even 3 stuns if your going into a random group.

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The Arena Base Population:

*This zone has environmental hazards called “Bone Cages.” These will stun you if you walk into them, and stun lower ranked mobs that also walk into them. (pit slaves, pit skeletons, and ticks) So try to kite them into the traps if things get out of hand. When you first walk into the dungeon there are two groups of Gladiators and pit slaves on either side of a Pit Necromancer and skeletons, these three groups are the only ones need to spawn the boss.

Blood Pit Gladiators and Blood Pit Slaves

Make sure to tank this group away from the center as the Necromancer’s Skeletons can be accidentally grabbed. The slaves just do simple melee damage and should be grouped with the Gladiator. The gladiator uses two abilities, Mighty Swing and Gladiator Rampage. Mighty swing is a large cone shaped telegraph and this makes it important to face him away from your group, however it is a long cast and can be preferably interrupted or moved out of. He will also use an ability called “Gladiator Rampage” where he jumps and land in a small telegraph that should be avoided as he is immune to CC during this time.

Blood Pit Necromancer and Blood Pit Skeletons

You’ll see this mob again so remember her abilities. She’ll randomly summon Skeleton adds that do simple melee damage and need to be tanked. The skeletons will die after a duration or after the necromancer dies. She’ll use an ability called ” Wail of the Darkwitch” pulling players towards her then casting a large aoe telegraph that’s very hard to sprint out of. This is necessary to interrupt to minimize damage taken and dps time on the boss.

Eldan Ruins Base Population:

*This zone has several lasers that will occasional follow a player around. While these do damage to players they  also do damage to the enemy mobs, kiting the melee packs into the lasers can be difficult but rewarding. You’ll notice interactive consoles at the bottom of the towers that will need to be turned on to reach the off switch for the lasers. It is not necessary to turn off the lasers, but can help most groups.

Voreth Gladiator and Kel Voreth Slaves

The Slaves will use an ability called “break the chains” which will also snare you, interrupt this casts and grabbing a MoO lets your dps burn them down in seconds. The Gladiators will deal strong melee samge throughout the pull.

Enslaved Augmenter and Voreth Mechano Slaver

The Augmenter will use a rectangular telegraph called “Dual Saw” which should be avoided. However he uses a healing ability called “Rejuvenate” on the slaver which should be interrupted for a MoO. The Slaver has zero interrupt armor and casts two abilities making him an easy target for good interrupters. Mighty swing (Same as the Gladiators) is easily interrupted or avoided, “Hammer Down” will show a circular telegraph interrupt or avoid this ability to minimize damage taken.

Enslaved Protector and Enslaved Probes

The protector uses “Exterminate” that casts a LETHAL damage telegraph that should be avoided and interrupted if possible. The initial probes will need to be tanked but they will eventually be killed or self destruct, causing a large aoe telegraph to do damage. The protector will summon more probes while fighting him but the new probes will be stationary and quickly self destruct.

The Exanite Forge Base Population:

**This zone features forges that give some of the enemy mobs buffs. Pay attention not to pull a mob just after it has used a forge. Walk up to a forge and click on it to ice it over.

Voreth Beastmaster and Warhounds

The Beastmaster uses an ability called “Pulverize” that despite its small telegraph it sends out a shock wave like telegraph that will also apply a knock back. Focus on the Beastmaster as this ability can make things hard to deal with, and he will use “Delicious meat snacks” giving buffs to food the dogs eat. The dogs will start to ignore your threat, just let them wonder off, your job in this mess is to try to stack the Beastmaster with the Warhounds using minimal movement. Provide stuns as the dogs eat any food to gain MoO’s.

Voreth Blinded Slaver and Kel Voreth Slaves

The slaves also cast “Break the chains” try to interrupt. The Blinded Slaver uses a a telegraph called “Motivation” that will buff her Slaves, interrupt to minimize damage taken.

Voreth Darkwitch

This is one nasty Witch. She puts a high damage over time spell on a random player that needs to be cleansed. Warriors have Expulsion, Engineers T8 Shatter impairment, Stalker’s T8 Tactic Retreat (careful as you will also lose threat). Let your healer know to switch to a cleanse as well if they aren’t already. Impending Doom will target a player and leave a trail of telegraph void zones on the ground, this is easily interrupted but remember to save stuns for her next ability “Rupture.” Rupture does high damage, often lethal to non-tanking classes. This can be avoided by standing close to her center and moving for the split second it takes for her cast to go off, or use a trusty interrupt.

Voreth Battlesworn

This big guy and the Darkwitch are the hardest Base Population. He uses an ability similar to the first boss, Grond’s “Thrash”, try to interrupt this. He will also cast a subdue (or “disarm”) called “Hammer of Wrath,” this cannot be interrupted so make sure to use interrupt armor or have a CC break ready.


Darkwitch Gurka

This miniboss can be challenging! Her auto attack is ranged, so an Engineer excels here. Make sure to tank her far away from other groups as her telegraphs can be very large. She casts an ability called Deadly Defilement that should be interrupted. If continued to cast this will produce small telegraphs under every players feet, that need to be dodged. Throughout the fight she will cast another ability called “Afflicted Soil” that cannot be interrupted. This produces a large X shaped telegraph that damage and snares players. Immediately following this ability she will cast Deadly Defilement again so be prepared to interrupt. She will then cast a very large aoe telegraph called “Blinding Dark.” This blind can be interrupted, however save your CC’s for Deadly Defilement as the MoO allows for more damage up time on the boss. There are many ways to deal with the blind, use a CC Break or Cleanse to clear it, or put on interrupt armor beforehand. This specific blind can also be canceled out by facing away from here as the blind goes off.



Grond the Corpsemaker

Grond is the Boss of the Arena zone. The boss’s melee attack is a small cleave telegraph that as the tank you will not be avoiding. He also does a back attack if a player goes directly behind him so make sure not to point his feet at a party member. He will do a telegraph attack called “Thrash,” that should be interrupted.  This ability will start from behind his legs and go in a counter-clockwise (or anti-clockwise) direction, Keep the party on your right to give them more time to use their interrupts. Thrash is a fast moving telegraph that deals moderate damage and applies a knock back. He will also cast an interruptible ability called “bellow,” that will show a telegraph around Grond that knocks-back all targets. Be prepared with interrupt armor, or make sure your backs not facing any Bone Cages. He will also cast an ability called “Scratch Itch” that cannot be interrupted, this will summon three “tick” adds. These adds can either be tanked along with the boss or kited into Bone Cages to kill them. If your party is good let them handle the ticks, if not just grab them fast and keep tanking. His final ability is called “Mutilate.” Grond will pounce on a player and deal lethal damage in a frontal cone telegraph. Groups tend to fail on this boss by becoming scattered from his many knockback effects. Position the boss as close to the center of the arena as you can.


Slavemaster Drokk

 This is where Wildstar’s dungeons really start to shine. Drokk is a multi-phase fight with different mechanics testing nearly every aspect of the game’s combat. Carefull how close you get to him before you pull as he as a large aggro  radius. Bring Crowd control abilities, and CC breaks!

First Phase

Drokk will deal moderate melee damage to you. He will also target an ability called “depleted silo” on players which shows a small telegraph that needs to be dodged. He will continue to cast more depleted Silo throughout the rest of the fight. At 80% health he transitions to the next phase

Second Phase

Drokk will teleport behind the green wall and summon Bombshell Constructs. These will spread out evenly around the room and begin to cast a large telegraph that deals lethal damage. it is important to have the group stick together and focus damage on one bomb to destroy it. If it is destroyed in time it will leave a very small space that will be safe from the other bomb’s telegraphs. Nothing needs tanked during this phase so it is appropriate for you to “stance dance” to help burn down the bomb. (make sure to switch back!) After the explosions Drokk will come back out to play.

Third Phase

Drokk will continue to deal melee damage and use more depleted silo missiles. Shortly into the phase he will use an ability called “Enslave.” Enslave will send the party and you to the back of the room, where you will be tethered. Two ways for tanks to deal with tethers, stance dance to help destroy it faster, or simply use a CC break. As the tank make sure to put the healer on high priority to help break them from their tether. Throughout the tether duration he will cast a massive telegraph that will grow outward, this can be dodged while tethered. Note that this ability casts faster the closer it is to the boss. When all party members have been freed he will cast a final telegraph called “Suppression Wave” that can be interrupted. It is cast fairly fast and hard to interrupt. **Group strategy: If you’ve got everyone in voice chat you can all use CC breaks for this fight. Leave one ranged dps in the tether until all party members are close to Drokk. Have the dps CC break and prepare the group to easily interrupt Suppression wave.** After a few more melee swings and depleted silos he’ll teleport out again.

Fourth Phase

Drokk will cast out a tracking beacon on a random player, tracking robots will be summoned that will chase that player. If they come in contact they will explode dealing massive damage. The beacon will change randomly so watch out if you need to start running away. The Tracking Robots can be snared. slowed, stunned, knock-downed, etc. It is not necessary to kill the tracking robots but it defiantly helps. At the end of the phase any remaining robots will cast a large lethal telegraph. Get the group to the green door as fast as possible as Drokk will re appear and cast another interruptible Suppression Wave.

Fith Phase

Drokk will continue to melee swing, cast Depleted Silo, and cast more interruptible Suppression Waves. Bombshell constructs will begin to run out of the door and stack on Dokks current location. As the Tank is is your job to kite Drokk around the room and out of the Bombshells’ telegraphs. Burn during MoOs to defeat Slavemaster Drokk.


Forgemaster Trogun

This final boss uses his Exanite forge to empower himself. He has a large aggro radius and creates a huge telegraph on pull. You have only a few seconds to get off a few ranged abilities before he does this so try to use damage over time abilities. Back off and dodge fireball telegraphs while waiting for him to finish his threatening display of fiery death. He’ll then run out to attack the group.

Phase one

More then likely an overzealous dps will pull aggro as the boss runs out to attack, be ready to taunt/intimidate as necessary. After a few melee swing he will cast “Volcanic Hammer” on his target that should be interrupted. If not it will deal heavy damage in its radius and leave a damage over time telegraph on the ground. He will then use “Forge master’s call” which cannot be interrupted. A damaging telegraph will appear beneath his feat, and neutral orbs will appear from the surrounding forges. These orbs will buff support and assault power of both party members and the boss alike, so make sure to help pick up as many as you can. at 60% health he returns to his forge.

Phase two

Becoming invulnerable Trogun will run back to his forge. He’ll then send out several small moderate damaging disks that need to be avoided. There are hundreds of disks so stay focused on dodging to keep your health up as the healer can’t stop to heal you.

Final Phase

Trogun will again come out to attack the group. The same strategies apply as phase one however “Forge master’s call” will also send out damaging disks from Trogun’s body. Do your best to dodge disks, and pick up the buffing orbs. Take advantage of MoOs from interrupting “Volcanic hammer” to defeat the Forgemaster.



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  1. You really need to add some images to these articles. I’m unlikely to remember each of the mobs and bosses by a text description or name. Tossing an image of each encounter would help immensely.

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